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Why not read some of the comments from the many people we've helped to learn to drive and pass their tests. They say it better than we ever could...

"Alan is such a good instructor, who I would recommend to anyone. He was patient and made me feel comfortable/confident throughout all of my lessons. He also made time to fit these lessons in around me and I know I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test without his help! Thankyou so much, I appreciate it lots"

- Natasha Townsend - June 2024

"Thoroughly recommend Alan at Best Driving School. Friendly, patient and an excellent tutor."

- Emma Roche - May 2024

"Thanks Alan, Megan enjoyed driving lessons with you & has passed first time full of confidence!"

- Kate Penny - April 2024

"Alan is such a good instructor, who I would recommend to anyone. He was patient and made me feel comfortable/confident throughout all of my lessons. He also made time to fit these lessons in around me and I know I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test without his help! Thankyou so much, I appreciate it lots"

- Mei Lin Wlsn - November 2023

"Thoroughly recommend Alan at Best Driving School. Friendly, patient and an excellent tutor."

- Ellie Wallace - October 2023

"I'd like to thank Alan for a super reintroduction to the road. I'd not driven for over 5 years due to a ban, covid and then a move to London for work. Alan, took me through all the main points of getting me test ready & feeling confident behind the wheel again. Patient with great instructional skills.

I'd recommend Alan to any driver new or seasoned for any instruction. top bloke... Thanks for your help Alan"

- Peter Goodfellow - August 2023

"Alan is a great instructor, calm and patient which is what you need when learning and dealing with the road for the first time. He's flexible with his hours and pick you up from anywhere (of course within reason). I couldn't recommend him enough! I passed first time with his help!"

- Zhi Ratcliffe - July 2023

"Alan is amazing! He adapts his style to suit the student and was the best person to teach both of my youngsters. He is organised and communicates everything making it totally stress free. Booking and payment are so easy. Would highly recommend."

- Emma-Jayne Dyer - May 2023

"Positive feedback from my Son throughout his course, which culminated in a first time pass. Alan is a personable guy & a professional instructor who is clearly on his game. Thoroughly recommended"

- Andy - February 2023

"I booked an intensive course with Alan after a not so good experience with a different instructor. I took my test this week in Chippenham and passed. Alan was amazing and in a few days taught me so much, really prepared me for the test and gave me good advice for driving afterwards. He's a really experienced instructor, very reliable, patient and calm. He's also a genuinely nice bloke - would definitely recommend him to anyone."

- Greg on behalf of his son, Harry- February 2023

"Very good course, absolutely worth every penny, the instructor Alan is a very good lad, very patient and a very good teacher. He will definitely prepare you properly for your test."

- Krzysztof - January 2023

"Best driving courses! Well what can I say about Alan that won't look like I am trying to stroke his ego???
Well here it goes.
Alan is a superb instructor, patient,tolerant and extremely knowledgeable.
His people manner is next to none and his application of teaching style is brilliant.
I booked an intensive course and passed my test first time with only one fault, this is down to the repetition and the relaxed style that Alan adapts and his drive (pun intended) to get his students through their tests and arm them with the skills and knowledge they will need to become confident drivers.
Thank you Alan will miss our lessons"

- Billy - December 2022

"Alan was AMAZING! I was so nervous about my test but he gave me the confidence and knowledge to pass my test. Would 100% recommend Alan to anyone taking there test. I thoroughly enjoyed doing my lessons"

- Ben - November 2022

"Had the most amazing couple lessons with Alan he's very calm with his instructing and also a good laugh to learn with, makes you feel extremely comfortable whilst you are learning. Would definitely recommend Alan to anyone looking to learn to drive."

- Kian - October 2022

"I highly recommend Alan as your driving instructor I had the most amazing week learning to drive, we had a great laugh and he is so patient and a fab instructor! I passed today first time with only one minor from the show me tell me question. Can't thank him enough for all his support! Thank you so much again!"

- Madeleine - October 2022

"So I was lucky enough to find Alan through my friend who booked me a 20 hour course as a gift. Having gone through 2 previous instructors and failed my practical. I had lost all confidence. I struggle with anxiety, however Alan straight away put me at ease. He’s so helpful in many ways. I have to point out how patient, calm and understanding he is. I would “highly” recommend him to anyone. He is definitely skilled in the way he communicates. Explains everything simply, does not over complicate things. I have finished the course feeling confident and positive. I have my test in a few hours which I will pass this time. I am definitely prepared. As far as instructors go…. He is the cream of the crop! He got me here in just 20 hours, after no driving in 3 years. Now that really is the Best driving course!!!"

- Candice - August 2022

"Absolutely loved learning to drive with Alan, and would highly recommend having passed first time under his guidance! I feel like I picked things up so fast with his intensive - thanks so so much Alan!!"

- Harrison France - August 2022

"I highly recommend Alan as your driving instructor I had the most amazing week learning to drive, we had a great laugh and he is so patient and a fab instructor! I passed today first time with only one minor from the show me tell me question. Can't thank him enough for all his support! Thank you so much again!"

- Niall Stokes - August 2022

"Passed first time today thanks to Alan at Best Driving Courses. I did a 35 hour intensive course which really paid off. So happy I did it. A great instructor who I can't thank enough for helping me pass so quickly. 100% recommend"

- Jodie Lane - January 2022

"Allan is a patient driving instructor, I done a 40 hour course and passed my test first time thanks Allan, see you on the road"

- Luke Uzzell - November 2021

"Alan honestly was absolutely amazing, so relaxed, patient, funny and an over all lovely person. Anyone learning to drive he is the one for you! Seriously gutted I won't see him on those early mornings anymore :((("

- Olivia Dowman - November 2021

"Alan helped me pass my test today. He's a very good instructor and easy to remember everything he teaches you."

- Saba Getty - November 2021

"Alan is amazing! very patient and made me very comfortable so I was able to learn efficiently. the only downside was that I passed so I will no longer see him, lol. thank you Alan!!!!"

- Safia Lee - September 2021

"I am more than pleased I had Alan as my instructor & passed me first time :) I did the 35 hour intensive course & would highly recommend doing this with Alan. He made everything easy to understand along with giving me the confidence to be on the road. He is very understanding & makes you feel at ease & will go over anything again with you so you completely understand. Thanks again Alan!"

- Louise Hibberd - November 2020

"Alan is a wonderful driving instructor. He helped our eldest pass his driving test first time and our middle son is now very much looking forward to being old enough to begin learning with Alan too when he becomes 17 in the spring. Alan is very patient and helps the pupil with confidence. He knew what methods worked best with our son to learn from day one. And helped him with technique and safe practices. We would not hesitate to recommend Alan to anybody local wishing to learn to drive."

- Joanne Carter - October 2020

"Alan is a great instructor. So patient. Thank you so much Alan helped me pass first time."

- Kyle Jones - October 2020

"Alan is a brilliant Driving Instructor, we would highly recommend this lovely gentleman. Our daughter had a 20 hour intensive course and past first time! Alan has a very calming personality, explaining procedures in a clear and precise way. Thank you Alan for all your help, you were amazing."

- Julie Reynolds - October 2020

"Alan is calming and corrects driving mistakes easily. Driving with him makes you feel relaxed behind the wheel and confident. If it wasn't for Alan, I don't think I would've passed when I had. He helped me achieve my goals and is an incredible driving instructor."

- Amy Scott - October 2020

"Really glad I chose Best Driving Courses for my lessons, Alan is a fantastic and patient teacher! Would 100% recommend. Thank you so much for the pass Alan!"

- Jessica Squire - January 2020

"Alan is a fantastic driving instructor. I did a 15 hour intensive course and test and passed first time. Alan is patient and understanding of mistakes and gives fantastic feedback to help correct your driving.

His website is great and provides useful information needed for the test.

Alan is also quick to provide positive feedback when you do something well, and is an all-round lovely person! I couldn't recommend Alan highly enough!"

- Josh Charles - October 2019

"After several failed tests over several years, shattered confidence and with a irrational fear of the practical test, I hadn't driven for over 5 years when I decided to do a 25 hour course with Alan and try the test again. Alan was so good, very patient, clear, friendly and he lets you develop into your own driver without prescribing every move, only correcting you if you do something unsafe. After 4 days of driving with Alan, I finally passed the test with zero faults and rediscovered my love for driving. Can't recommend Alan and intensive driving courses enough! Thank you!!"

- Thiaga Wyndow - August 2019

"Alan was such a great driving instructor for our daughter who was anxious and nervous. He was calm and friendly and really made the effort to fit in her lessons resulting in a fabulous pass. We would 100% recommend him. Rachel & Edward Bond"

- Rachel Aiken Bond - August 2019

"Alan was amazing not only did I pass my test first time (with one minor) but I feel so much more confident on the road than when I started with him ! Such a nice man and great driving instructor! Deffo recommend him to my friends:-) Thanks Alan !!!!"

- Danny Smith - August 2019

"Never drove a car before Monday passed with no minors thanks to Alan recommend him to anyone decent driving instructor thank you very much Alan"

- Blake While - July 2019

"Alan was a great driving instructor, made me feel calm about taking to the wheel first time, really enjoyed the lessons and hence why it may have helped me pass my test first time."

- Jason Watkins - June 2019

"Would definitely recommend, Alan was amazing and helped me pass 1st time"

- Ethan Jones - June 2019

"To anyone thinking of using Alan he is a fantastic instructor and a great bloke 5 stars all the way and great at what he does many thanks Alan"

- Ashley Howard - June 2019

"I passed my driving test first time, after completing the 35 hour intensive course. Alan was a great instructor. I had taken lessons weekly previously with other driving instructors, but this was the best option for me. - Thanks Alan"

- Beth Hands - June 2019

"Would definitely recommend going with Alan for an intensive course, I passed first time with only 4 days of lessons thanks to his help! Very knowledgeable and easy to get on with, the best out there!"

- Regan Cass - June 2019

"Thank you Alan for teaching me how to drive you calmed my fears and I passed first time! Thank you so much"

- Dani Hassid - May 2019

"Thank you for all of your help Alan! Absolute legend!"

- Ashleigh Mizzy-Pot Lockwood - May 2019

"Alan was brilliant and not only instructing but helping with test nerves, very patient man easy to talk to and understand he got me from 0-pass in just 7 days. Thank You Alan."

- Michael Widdop - April 2019

"Dean was amazing! Too think just over a week ago I had no clue what to do, and now I've passed my test first time! I must of been stressing him right out messing up all the time but he was so polite and calm! whenever i needed to be talked through something again he was so helpful and understanding! Highly recommended!!"

- Sam Gerrish - April 2019

"Thank you Alan Reynolds. I would recommend this instructor to anyone, patience of a saint and highly skilled."

- Rosie Ostler - March 2019

"Intensive course is definitely the best way to learn to drive and be test ready in short amount of time, 100% recommend Alan as an instructor he is brilliant couldn't be any better and is really easy to get along with."

- Ryan Noel - March 2019

"Alan Reynolds is the best driving instructor I have ever had. Having failed 8 times over 2 instructors my grandad found Alan in the Sunday times. 15 hour course of chilled driving and learning stuff got the pass. Highly recommended, an amazing service."

- Johnny Graves - January 2019

"I had a really good experience with them. I would recommend Alan and Dean to anyone who wants to pass in a week."

- Cristian Adam - January 2019

"Great driving instructor and helped me pass would highly recommend also a very helpful and fair man!"

- Dougal Oliver - January 2019

"My son passed first time with Alan.... very professional. Would recommend to all my friends. Thanks Alan."

- Sarah Harrison - December 2018

"Alan is the best driving instructor!! I couldn't of asked for someone more patient!! (And trust me i needed someone with patience!!). He gave me so much confidence and is genuinely such a nice person, I'll miss our conversations on the road! The way he taught me worked perfectly for me and I couldn't be more thankful to get to know such a lovely man along my journey of learning to drive. Thank you so much Alan I will always recommend you to anyone I meet learning to drive. It was a pleasure doing my lessons with you!! I'm sure your happy to hear me no longer say 'i can't do this' but thanks to you I can!!"

- Emily McCarthy - August 2018

"Excellent instructor, done the 45 hour course and was worth ever Penney. Alan was really patient with me and paid off as I passed 1st time! Thank you!"

- Gemma Jade - May 2018

"Exceptional! This company WILL NOT cost you more than is necessary. They talked me out of having extra lessons (thus costing themselves money)!! No nonsense and extremely helpful! I have and will continue to recommend this driving school to anyone that I care about! Truly exceptional!!"

- Ian Sheppard - May 2018

"Best driving instructor he got me through my driving test in four days and I was 53 years old... can't recommend him enough...!"

- Dee Smart - May 2018

"Cannot recommend Alan enough - put up with me and my rants & my "I don't like its" and now I'm ecstatic with my blue piece of paper! Thank you Alan, you have the patience of a saint."

- Jordan Hillier - April 2018

"Thank you Alan for a well run and well taught course. If anyone is looking for an intensive driving course this is the company to go with! Felt relaxed from the start."

- Andy Wiltshire - April 2018

"Had a great experience with Alan. He's very chilled and has an amazing way of explaining things that really help if you're stuck on anything. Would recommend to anyone from beginner to near test level!! Thanks again!"

- Gemma Oxford - April 2018

"Not enough stars 5+ stars! As Alan made my driving experience exciting, fun and easy to learn. Alan is very patient and puts everything into consideration to help you achieve your goal to pass your test. I would recommend Alan and his company to anyone learning to drive without any hesitation!!!! Thank you Alan for helping me pass my test first time."

- Charlotte Stevens - March 2018

"5 stars isn't enough!! Alan was patient and went above and beyond to make sure I passed. I learned so much in a short amount of time and had a great laugh in the process! Honestly could not recommend more, thank you so so much Alan - truly amazing!!"

- Heather Millen - March 2018

"They made my learning experience so much easier, and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Alan is patient (which is really important when it comes to teaching me anything!!), kind and a top notch instructor - not to mention completely honest! 10/10 would recommend to friends and family, if you're looking for an intensive driving course, I would look no further!"

- Chloe Grace Campbell - February 2018

"Brilliant driving course and great company for the intensive course! I loved driving with Alan he was so helpful and really gained my confidence! Thank you."

- Alexandra Beville - January 2018

"Just passed my driving test after a week intense course with Alan. He is so nice and makes you feel so relaxed. I will be recommending him to anyone. So worth the money. I didn't have any confidence in myself but Alan believed in me."

- Sarah King - August 2017

"Passed first time today after a 45 hour course with Alan. Wonderful guy and a brilliant instructor, very supportive and reassuring to a nervous driver. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks Alan!"

- Grace Iris Long - August 2017

"I passed first time, I took the failsafe Course 45hours with no previous driving experience, but Alan taught me the driving skills I needed to get through my test, from start to finish. He is a kind funny bloke, I will truly miss his sense of humour lol Learning2Drive is definitely the best."

- Tasha Julia - July 2017

"Passed today with Alan really really good instructor I would recommend him to everyone really really good thanks mate for your help"

- Karl Waite - July 2017

"I would definitely recommend! Alan is a brilliant instructor and very friendly! Couldn't have asked for a better teacher! Thanks again"

- Ana Macedo - July 2017

"Passed my test yesterday!! Passed first time thanks to Alan! Only got 3 minors! So thank you Alan and would definitely recommend learning2drive!!"

- Adam Tait - July 2017

"I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Alan for getting Abbie Starsmeare through her driving test first time, we are very happy, we can't recommend Alan enough, now Abbie will be doing her advanced driving with Alan."

- Paul Starsmeare - June 2017

"I've just completed my intensive driving course with Adrian and I passed! Adrian has been brilliant all week, I've had a couple of instructors before and Adrian is head and shoulders above them. Worth every penny! I am so thrilled and could not have done it without him."

- Julie Deller - June 2017

"Just completed a 35 hour course and passed first time. Adrian is a fabulous, patient and great instructor. Felt confident at the end of the week to take my test despite being incredibly nervous throughout the week. Highly recommended as I grew in confidence having lessons consecutively. Definitely the best way for me to learn. Huge thanks again to Adrian for transforming me from a nervous learner to a competent driver!"

- Amy Bye - May 2017

"I recently passed a 25 hour course, Alan is a brilliant instructor, made me feel really comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to do an intensive course."

- Harry Platt - May 2017

"Alan is patient experienced and a generally nice man, got Jake through first time time with 30 hours driving. Many thanks Alan, we will miss you!"

- Denise Jackson - April 2017

"Passed first time. Alan is the best instructor around, and I've used a few :) Thoroughly recommended!"

- Jason Lee Spruce - April 2017

"30 hours course with Alan passed first time! Made me feel at ease a fantastic teacher would 100% recommend"

- Sophie Marshall - March 2017

"Did 20hrs with Alan and passed first time with 1 minor. Made it easy to learn, relaxed and allowed me to learn properly. I'd highly recommend Learning 2 Drive for anyone looking to pass. Thanks Alan - you made it easy."

- Steven Usher - March 2017

"I done an 20 hour intense course and passed my test first time today thank u so much Adrian top bloke brilliant instructor x"

- Janet Cutler - March 2017

"I completed a 35 hour intensive course and passed first time! Alan is an all-round great guy and a fantastic instructor, I learned everything I needed to within good time during the week and was confident by the end to take my test. I retained so much more of what I was learning having my lessons consecutively and for me, it was one of the best investments / decisions I've ever made. Thanks again Alan- I couldn't have done it without you!" (5 Star Facebook review)

- Paige Jasmine Lau - January 2017

"I had a 20 hour driving course and passed with Alan today. He isn't like any other driving instructor he will be your friend throughout the whole journey, he gives you so much confidence and is a pleasure to be around. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to do an intensive! Thank you so much Alan!"

- Georgia Lloyd - December 2016

"If you're not sure whether to do hourly lessons or an intensive course I would recommend an intensive course every time, it seriously increases your chances of quickly becomming a safe driver and passing your test first time.

Alan is a very positive instructor and his positivity and confidence in you will make you a confident driver right from the get go. I had no prior driving experience before taking the course but thanks to Alan I passed first time and with only 2 minors.

Thanks again Alan. Top bloke."

- Jason Woolhouse - November 2016

"Brilliant 35 hour course with Alan! Great support and a great guy! Passed first time with no faults! Certainly recommended!"

- Conor McFarlane - November 2016

"Having passed my driving test on Friday, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me do an intensive driving course with Dean, and at such short notice.

I was initially a bit nervous since I hadn't had the chance to meet either of you before starting my course, but Dean turned out to be the perfect instructor. His car is great to learn to drive, and Dean himself is precise and clear, calm, patient, understanding, and very encouraging. I could not have got to my test in a better state of mind, and had I failed, I would not have changed instructors.

Thank you very much again!"

- Clémentine Dugrand - September 2016

"Absolutely brilliant course. Alan was always friendly and helpful. He was always calm and greets you with a smiling face each day. When I first started I was very uncomfortable with the idea of driving, but within the first two days I felt at ease and safe in the car. And the result speaks for itself, within a week I've gone from never driving a car, to having a full licence. Beyond happy and worth every penny. Thank you again for helping me through this, I couldn't have done it without your help and patience!"

- Bethany Lack - September 2016

"I did the 20 hour intensive course with Alan and passed first time, Alan was a great instructor, made me feel comfortable and had a good laugh, would definitely recommend him! Thanks again Alan"

- Julieanne Edwards - September 2016

"Well firstly thank you just doesn't quite cut it! What an instructor and bloke Alan is! I took a 20 hour driving course, I was very nervous with no real driving experience and would have never passed first time if it hadn't been for Alan. Not only is he a fantastic instructor he's a fantastic person, a lovely genuine man who makes you feel relaxed and "as confident" as you can be learning! I will forever be grateful!"

- Kate Louise Maisey-Zammit - August 2016

"Thank you Alan! Would not have been able to pass my test first time without him, especially in such a short amount of time. Absolutely brilliant instructor and would highly recommend to anyone interested in an intense style course. So happy and grateful for the time and effort he put into me. Thank you!"

- Eleanor Favelle - August 2016

"Alan is a fantastic instructor, extremely patient and helpful, passed my test today with only 1 minor"

- James Jones - August 2016

"Thank you Alan for helping me pass my test first time,brilliant instructor!! Highly recommended for anyone interested in intensive driving courses. I had 23 hrs which started Monday and passed my test today, couldn't be happier xx"

- Dawne Harris - July 2016

"Couldn't have achieved what I have done today without the support of my family and friends. Suffering with anxiety is awful and to do what I did today shows I will get better. Also thank you to Alan Reynolds for believing in me and keeping me calm I couldn't have done it without you, brilliant instructor and top bloke x"

- Kassandra Robinson - July 2016

"Alan is a wonderful, considerate instructor. Passed today with no faults. Couldn't have asked for a better teacher, very happy"

- Lisa Lambrose, July 2016

"Passed 1st time with Alan. Great instructor, very friendly and makes you feel really comfortable in the car and driving. Wouldn't have done it without him, great guy!"

- Kellie Webb, June 2016

"Alan is by far the best instructor able to feel comfortable and at ease with learning. Did the full 45 hour course great price for what you get. Recommending everyone I know. Thank you Alan"

- Abby Rose Faulkner, April 2016

"Top man, good company and a fantastic, knowledgeable, patient, experienced and a quality teacher! Highly recommended!" (5 Star Facebook review)

- Jamie Wyndow, March 2016

"Absolutely brilliant, would recommend to anyone, managed to pass with 0 minors so must've been good!"

- Callum Connors, February 2016

"Just passed my test after having completed an intensive course with Best Driving Courses. The instructor could not have been more accommodating and helpful. I was fitting lessons around child care and he was brilliant about coming early to suit me. I was really impressed with how at ease he made me feel and how much more quickly I learnt compared to my previous instructor. He also had great tips and tricks for getting the maneuvers spot on! He is clearly a very experienced instructor and I would absolutely recommend Best Driving Courses."

- Lizzie Ward, February 2015

"Without taking a Best Intensive Driving course i definitely wouldn't have passed by now, before I was taking a lesson each weekend with various instructors/companies which wasn't working, a friend recommended I took a driving course so I looked into local companies that offered this service, Best Intensive Driving was top of the list, after calling them up I was comprehensively talked through the various courses and the one that suited me best. Instantly the friendly voice caught my attention and the course was booked.

My course was a week long and I can honestly say I learnt more in this week driving than I ever did doing separate lessons, the instructor was friendly, funny easy to get on with whilst still being informative and assertive.

My test was booked for the week after, he even went the extra mile and got me a cancellation test which was before my original booking, Top job all round. I can and will be recommending Best Driving Courses to anyone who is in need."

- M Goddard, November 2014

"He is one of the most honest and flexible people I've met. I was limited on time and having recently moved abroad I needed to get my license quick. He is not only calm and collected but also helped with access to theory test practice app free of charge. Only being in the UK for two weeks, he managed to cram in a 20 hour course and book me a test within 4 days.

He was completely flexible we started early in the morning and literally covered everything at a pace which suited me. Great sense of humour and puts you at ease also assertive when needed.

I would highly recommend anyone who needs a course with limited time and great value for money."

- Sunny Hirani, November 2014

"Excellent instructor, really enjoyed my short time with you :) see you on the roads" (5 Star Facebook review)

- Zoe Boulton, July 2014

"You can't put in words how excellent the service is." (5 Star Facebook review)

- Steven Kitching, June 2014

"Great instructor! Thoroughly recommend" (5 Star Facebook review)

- Jason Lee Spruce, March 2014

"I started a 30 hour intensive driving course on the 1st March and from the beginning it was an enjoyable experience. I was pretty nervous when I started but he took all the pressure of learning to drive away by approaching each obstacle simply and letting me get on with it!

He's happy to chat and joke, but does it in a way that isn't distracting. His instructions are effective, to the point and effective. At no point did I think I would pass my test first time, but with his guidance I passed with only 3 Minors! I would most definitely recommend Best Intensive Driving school to anyone looking to pass their test in the quickest and most effective way!"

- Jamie Skuse, March 2014

"Passed first time and really enjoyed my lessons" (5 Star Facebook review)

- Beatrice Nugent, October 2013

"As nervous as I was the instructor made overcoming my nerves way too easy yet he was also a friendly polite man who was willing to help with any questions . And plenty of tips and guidance to improve my driving skills totally recommend these if anyone else has been left with the dreaded burden of doing your practical an theory driving tests." (5 Star Facebook review)

- Matthew Arman, September 2013

"Amazed impressed an total 100% satisfactory by the fact I passed 1st time with 4minors thx a lot Allan at best intensive for the great time an teachings I received from yourself I would for sure recommend this instructor to any nervous new learning drivers." (5 Star Facebook review)

- Stacy Wilson, September 2013

"The intense course helped me to retain what I was learning and when it came to test day I was ready, I had a bit of bad luck, persevered with the support of the instructor and we got through. My instructor wanted me to pass, he'd invested his time as had I and the pass is the ultimate goal.

I definitely recommend."

- Darren Lee, September 2013

"I booked online with no problems at all and he replied within a couple of days with my course times. He as a teacher is friendly, funny (which helps when you are nervous) knowledgeable and not brash like some driving instructors and taught me well (as I passed he must have).

I would honestly recommend to anyone." (5 Star Facebook review)

- Alistair Cobb, July 2013

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"Alan is a great instructor, calm and patient which is what you need when learning and dealing with the road for the first time. He's flexible with his hours and pick you up from anywhere (of course within reason). I couldn't recommend him enough! I passed first time with his help!"

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